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Fun Holiday – Library Lovers Day

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Storytime moms – are you missing a lip liner? Leona found one while cleaning up this morning after storytime.

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We also now have an e-audio subscription to one click digital – you will need to register the first time you use the service. (Mobile users can download the one click digital app from the app store for your device for free) To use the service on a desktop you will need the One Click Digital Media Manager. This link will be available on the website once we get it updated.

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Census Profile, 2016 Census - Boissevain-Morton, Municipality [Census subdivision], Manitoba and Canada [Country]

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Photos from Boissevain-Morton Library's post

Take A Book On A Blind Date – for the month of February You choose which book appeals to you from the brief synopsis on the outside. Sign it out – take it home – and you never know you might discover an author you have never read!

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Timeline Photos

We had a patron ask for help in identifying the name that was on one of their sheds in tin letters. They believe the shed was moved to their farm many years ago from the Croll area. Some of the letters have gone missing over the years and her best guess is “Smith and ? Coal Wood” Any ideas as to what the name might have been?

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1894 Art Centre

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The Library for the next week will have the entries for the municipal logo contest on display. Come and vote for your top choice and have a say in what future signage will look like!

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RB Digital Gateway

We are trying something new 🙂 The Library has signed for an electronic magazine subscription service. Sign up for an account using this link. You will need your library card number. (The first time you access the program you will need to create your account.) We will have better instructions available online and a link to access available on the website. If you are using a mobile device you can access the service using the zinio app which can … read more »

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Are you one of those lucky people headed somewhere warm on a holiday? Grab a bag of used books for $4 to take along to the beach – and when some of them don’t fit in your luggage coming home you can leave them there for someone else to enjoy (and you don’t have to worry about returning your library book )

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