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Canada Reads 2017: Day Three

The Right To Be Cold is voted out! The Two remaining choices are Company Town and Fifteen Dogs.

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Accel Towing & Transport Ltd.

The Towers coming down at the Peace Gardens

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Canada Reads 2017: Day Two

And Nostalgia is on the chopping block.

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Canada Reads 2017: Day One

Wow – of the Canada Reads choices the most popular among readers here was The Break and its the first to be eliminated in Canada Reads 2017.

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Just a heads up – we opened an email today at the library that is actually a virus. The one we received asks for the user to review the attached pdf. I’m hoping we caught it in time – but do not open anything that sounds similar coming from the Library.

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The Library will be closed easter weekend April 14th and 15th. (Friday and Saturday)

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Just a reminder – there will be no storytime the week of the School Spring Break. So no storytime Mar 30th

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I’m trying to remember to use our Instagram account. If you are curious what might be there – check us out under bmlibrary !

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Timeline Photos

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Thank you goes out to our hard working Manitoba Hydro staff – who dropped off a donation of $1164.63

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