Special Collections

In addition to the main collection Boissevain & Morton Regional Library also houses several special collections within its larger holdings.

W. J. (Joe) McDonald North American Native Heritage Resource Centre

The McDonald Centre is funded by a generous bequest from the estate of W. J. (Joe) McDonald. A separate page is maintained with information about the Centre.

Boissevain Drama Players Collection

A collection of plays donated by the Boissevain Drama Players (now known as A.D.L.I.B.).

Boissevain & Morton Recreation Commission Collection

The Recreation Commission’s collection of sports and coaching related materials have been placed into the main collection of the Boissevain & Morton Regional Library.

Community Histories Collection

A large number of of local history books, generally from communities and districts in Western Manitoba, collected over the years. They are available in our regular history section. (If you’re publishing a new history in our area we’d like to hear about it. We can’t afford to buy every one, but we’re always interested in adding to this collection.)