Building Update

Many of you have likely heard the rumours, and hopefully most heard about the official announcement by the Boissevain and Morton councils. Yes, the Town and RM have acquired the former Fields building and the Library is planning to move there instead of the former Co-op grocery store.

Now that the newest location is public the Library Board would like to clarify the situation regarding the previously announced conversion of the Co-op building into a Library. The difficulties faced by our building committee were not fundamental problems with the building. Unfortunately, a retail space and a library are treated differently in the building code, and renovating the former for the latter effectively requires the construction meet all current building codes. Given the size and age of the Co-op grocery store meeting those building codes was taking a significant percentage of our available budget.

When additional outside grants were not forthcoming, the Town and RM concluded that the grocery store renovation was not feasible as a new Library. By scaling the project down to fit into the smaller Fields building it is expected that the cost of meeting current building code will be reduced enough to fit within the available budget. As the primary funders and owners of the Library building, the two councils have the final say on all building decisions.

The Library Board and staff thank the community for its support through the many changes on this project. We all remain focused on the goal of providing our community with a new library space that everyone can be proud of.